the Sugarcubes

The Sugarcubes were attracted to each other because we were all extreme people. We always had a good time, even if we were stuck in a boring German suburb eating cold hamburgers.

The music was secondary, so we didn’t have this big musical ambition to be brilliant. I could be in the background and write my melodies and lyrics and then watch how the music turned out. Plus I got the chance to travel all the time and see how other bands function, which taught me a lot. Fame was not in our plan but at the same time, we enjoyed it. It was a happy accident.

The Sugarcubes people will support each other until the ay we die. And we are also each other’s hardest critics. Like, I’ll send my record to the bass player and he will tell me it’s crap, you know ? And he sends me his poetry.

Raw, janvier 1996