making the music

I’ve decided not to go to like "concept"-something-whatever. I’ve just been in one song there’s vocals and one song is like a ravetrack and the other is kinda like a Noh singer, i’m just trusting my gut.

My last album was only vocal. I was very strict in my sounds, I had to do everything with vocals, no instruments allowed. So it had discipline before I even started. So on this one, I decided not to have any of that, because I felt I’d earned the freedom by five years of silence. It was time to kind of open the door.

When I do my own music, I obviously am very very very deeply concerned that the music I do, that the root is from me, the trunk is from me, the branches are from me - that it’s not borrowed from anywhere else.

Now that I’m doing music that’s set in Japan, Matthew wants the music to be based on original ancient Japanese music. I kind of got a license to go a lot further in basing something on something that musically already exists, than I would ever do for my own albums.

There’s that fine line between using something and making it yours.

I’ve been doing a lot of just layers of my own voice. Kind of attempting to do an oceanic landscape with my voice, since the whole movie happens out on the ocean, instead of having me as a narrator.

No Restraint, 2006