doing her own material

It all starts with a concept, regardless of wheter it’s a song or a concert or a concept for an album or a concert tour ? What’s the basic concept behind ’Debut’ ? If you look at the process from start to finish. Was it difficult to preserve that essence when you started working on ’Debut’ ? You were in the Sugarcubes , then comes a period when you’re doing your own experiments that later led to ’Debut’ ?.

I’d been working in groups for ten years where everyone was equal and no one told anyone else what to do, musically speaking. That was when we were doing the third Sugarcubes album. Although I’d always been romantic about the group, I felt the time had come to do my own material. At that time I could feel I was starting to repress certain musical ideas and how to make music in general. The atmosphere was more doing your own thing. Maybe more like doing something because you went out to a record shop and couldn’t find anything you fancied.

Livebox interview, 2002