Björk à propos du titre Army of Me

I had written two tracks with Graham Massey before I did Debut : "Army Of Me" and "The Modern Things." Then I met Nellee Hooper and we ended up doing a whole album’s worth of stuff together, so I decided to keep those two songs, wait, and put them on the next album. Post then ended up being more schizophrenic with collaborations of a lot of people, so it was a better match.

Graham came up with ["Army Of Me’s"] bass riff. I had written that melody earlier in Iceland. It matched very well together, I felt. I then did the sarcastic scratch noises in the chorus with a coin on a deep bass string that Graham sampled for me.

My younger brother was having a bit of a crazy period at the time, so I wrote this for him. It is sort of a big sister telling little brother off song. The other song I have written for him is "Where Is The Line" on Medúlla. It was written under similar circumstances emotionally.

The Stereogum Interview, March 2008