Richard D James

me and richard have talked sometimes about working together , since 95 , but it has never happened , i guess he has suggested couple of times we do something and i couple of times but sometimes it is not about literally doing stuff , it is more a mutual support that is more important . i personally don’t think richard’s music needs vocals , it seems perfect as it is .

he came to my show in tokyo last night and it was great to see him . he told me earlier that in that german article he was misquoted .

i personlly think it is obviously a misquote because he knows how i work , we have several mutual friends i have worked with and it is everything but a "business affair" . most of the people i work with become family , matmos and me moved to manhattan and spent 8 months together before the tour just to prepare the beats for it . i find it very hard to work with people i don’t know well , if you look on the credit list of my album it is the same people over and over again .

i probably shouldn’t defend myself here but i was a little hurt because this was so untrue . but sometimes journalist on purpose frase questions and then edit the answers in a way that they want conflict between musicmakers . probably negative drama stuff will sell their papers better . which is a shame .


i’ll breath deeply and stop moaning .

thanks for listening ... messageboard, 06-12-2001 - 08:41 GMT