John Tavener

He wrote a composition for me. I recorded it less then a month ago. He is a very special man and it was extraordinary to know him better. I think that working with him, and the use of chorals in my work maybe related.

I guess it will be easier to explain all this process in a few years, in a point distant from this moment, but I think I felt, above all, an enormous interest about humble music. Music related to prayer, that makes you fall on your knees to the ground and that creates a certain harmony. There is something naive and innocent that makes you go and search for pure and honest feelings.

I can’t explain why I’m so attracted to this kind of music but the truth is, I’ve been listening to Arvo Part and other composers. I wouldn’t say they influenced me in a musical way but I think they created the atmosphere, the space.

Diario Noticias, august 2001