Kate Bush

I’ve heard you’re a fan of Kate Bush, so I was wondering what you thought of her most recent album, Aerial ?

I really like it. It’s a double album. I think for me, to be brutally honest, I would have made a single album. It has equally as many strong songs as any of her other albums. I think it’s amazing and there’s a lot of songs on it that I listen to a lot. For someone like her I think it’s fantastic that she’s not been driven by outside forces, she’s just driven by herself. So I’ve got a lot of respect for her in that way. She’s very respected as a singer and a songwriter, but I think she’s very underestimated as a producer. She built a whole universe that was her own instead of just following a male...something. I don’t know, l’m not anti-male or anything.

Attitude - 12.05.2007