Björk à propos de Meredith Monk

Meredith Monk is one of the most important composers alive. i remember hearing her "dolmen music" as a teenager. it most definitely provided me with one of my musical dna’s. i learned that vinyl by heart. " as a person she is a fierce spirit, optimistic, spiritual and soulful. we have talked deeply about urban versus rural, she has inspired me in her folk music how she has tackled the modern city and her music been a soulful natural element : an oasis in a toxic environment. in this way she is most generous. providing modern folks with strands of their ancestors dna, her minimalism is not about irony or the banality or repetition of mass production. it is about breaking down a hole in the wall between us and our roots as humans sitting by fires and singing together. it is international global folk music. ancient and modern : timeless.