Tondai Braxtons

i share with tyondai a sort of instrumental view on the voice. we’re sort of singers that don’t sing. it has been fun sharing music tastes with him , finding out that 90% of the music we both listen to is instrumental. so it was with great excitement i waited for : central market

not only doesnt he sing much on it, but when he sings he treats his voice like an instrument not too held back by traditional singer songwriter narratives, word driven storytelling . rather, he throws himself deep into full blown orchestral storytelling that a few people have commented : sounds like film music without the film. and therefore : they dont know exactly what to do with it :

is it film music ? is he a singer ? is it indie ? contemporary classical ? serious slapstick ? post indie orchestral prog after hours tea music ?

and so on

i have to admit one of the greatest pleasures i got out of listening to this music was how uncategorical it was . and also how different the songs are from each other . but i can reassure you it is amazing bicycle music, has all the different epic sections that are ideal for bicycling through different streets and landscapes ... where the modern autumn of 2009 provides the visuals .

tyondai has with great ambition and detail loving hard work created music that is a mashup of 20 century music and has bravely taken an extra step :

into the unknown.

Warp, September 2009