Linear Soul Child

Almost a decade after a once-controversial music video gained popularity and success for now-defunct rock band Faith No More, the video (for the band’s 1990 hit "Epic") returns from MTV purgatory to reap all-new controversy, thanks to techno-pop queen Björk.

"Yes, it was my fish" the spacey, brunette Icelander told CNN on Friday.

"There was a party at Roddy (Bottum, ex-Faith No More keyboardist)’s mansion in Berkeley and I was just coming from a poetry reading in San Francisco. I had been given the fish (which she admits to having named ’Linear Soul Child’) from a person at that poetry reading, and brought it to Roddy’s party. That’s the last time I ever saw him."

The fish, a common 3-finned goldfish, caused a media uproar from animal-rights groups the same year for supposedly being "flopped" on the ground during the video shoot. Faith No More insisted that the fish ’flopped only once’ despite allegations of animal mistreatment.

Björk, despite becoming emotionally upset in our interview over the loss of her would-be pet, comes to the defense of the group. "I know those guys, I know they wouldn’t do anything to harm [him]. But I know, if I had gone home with MY fish, which was given to ME, none of this would have ever happened." The former members of Faith No More declined to comment further on the incident.

A.P. 24 nov 1999