Matthew Barney

Björk : I’m attracted to truthful people.

Juergen Teller : Right. You’ve been spending some time with the artist Matthew Barney. Do you understand his work ?

Björk : Yeah. The first time I saw it, I thought Matthew’s work was the closest I’d ever come to seeing my dreams. It’s incredibly similar to the inside of myself, the things that I can’t put into words, maybe a side of me that’s hidden. And you can’t really talk about those things with people if they have a different interior from yours. You know ?

Juergen Teller : That’s a really interesting answer.

Björk : To me, Matthew’s work feels very natural, organic, and healthy. I guess he proved to me that you can go to the most decadent, deepest places, far-far-far into the subconscious, without being destructive. That’s important to me, especially after the film.

Index magazine, june/july 2001