Mark Bell

Me and Mark have a gorgeous music relationship which comes from a lot of trust . I am very grateful to him on albums like Homogenic , Selmasongs , Medúlla he has had little ego enough to come into songs of mine that are almost complete , I have even programmed some of the rhythms , he has then come into it and added just the rhythm that was needed to complete the track . That is a very generous thing to do and not a lot of electronic artists are that flexible . They wanna storm into your song and change it all and make it into their own environment . Sometimes also he will let me listen to tons of beats of his and i will pick one take it home and edit to a track of mine ( like for example “Wanderlust“ ) But there are also songs me and mark have done where he brought the music and i then sang on top , i think they are 3 : “I go humble“ , “Nature is ancient“ and now “Declare Independence“ . It is way much rarer that we work that way ., April 18 2007