I think what happens when you have a child that young is, I think it’s quite common, is that the child becomes more of a pal, like a person rather than a child. Obviously you still take care of them and feed them and dress them and everything, but it’s more like a companion. That’s kind of what’s happened and I was really lucky. He travelled with me until he started school. A lot of my friends put their child into care eight hours a day, when it was three or six months old, and that’s a lot of time to be away from a child. Whereas I was in this working situation with the Sugarcubes where I could take him with me to a rehearsal and if he was crying we would just stop the rehearsal.

I don’t think that would have been very likely if I worked in Tesco’s.

I don’t look at myself as a martyr at all, it’s rather the other way, it’s given me a lot. Anyway, I think children are such pure creatures and they’re so correct about give and take. With grown-ups you give them 900 and you get 1.3 back, people are a bit warped sometimes when they grow up. But with children you give them this much and you get ten times more back. Sindri’s never ever been a burden to me. If anything he’s made things easier for me.

Feedback, february 1996