There have been several occasions when it has been self-evident for us
to meet, but my instinct always told me the situation would get
bothersome and faked. She seems to be all brains and no instinct, even
if it obviously can’t be so, since she has gotten herself to where she
is now.

You can also tell by her way of always surviving, that she must have a
hell of a lot of instinct. But in the daily life it seems as if she
isn’t aware of her subconscious, as silly as it may sound.

I have tried to avoid her, as much as I could. I like her, but she seems
to be a woman obsessed with material things. The universe she surrounds
herself with, I can’t take it.

I would much rather just bump into her in a bar by an accident not even
knowing who she is.

VeckoRevyn 1995-06-28