The Icelandic Love Corporation

flying from iceland on a sunday, slightly melancholic like i sometimes am on planes but also full of anticipation for the destination. read the cultural pages in the paper. see photos of the girls i have gradually been getting to know over the past months/years. the icelandic love corporations making art from liquorice. warms the heart. tear out one photo when the flight-attendant doesn’t see and slip it between the pages of my journal.

a photo of a mask.

find it incredible that while some kind of icelandic-woman-voodoo-music has been seething inside of me they have crocheted from cute grannydoilycrochet in neon colours this wild woman voodoo mask. and i can’t believe how similar our thoughts are. but i keep my council and decide to wait until i have worked more on the album, to see if we really are on the same wave-length. however, i do glue it on to the front page of my journal and between me and myself the mask transforms into the protector face of the project. a few months later we are all in the irish pub in hverfisgata and i find the courage to mention this to jóní. she is game.

we then meet up in their studio (also in hverfisgata, the street obviously has had a very creative effect on the collaboration) and discuss our first assignment : to make a new character, an electro neon icelandic domestic joyous force of nature.

and it has gone so supernaturally well !!!

and been so much fun

because they are so good at creating creatures that do not exist

and i wanted so much to be something that I have never been

björk gudmundsdóttir 2007