Guy Sigsworth

Guy Sigsworth is someone that Talvin introduced me to when Debut sold more than 20 times more than it was expected, as it was such a small and eccentric album. So we had to put together a tour in like two weeks or something, despite the album not being made to be played live. This is when I was introduced to Guy Sigsworth. I think on the first tour I didn’t have very exciting jobs for him, I gave him something like a few one finger keyboard lines. He then did the second tour which is was when he was actually the MD, where we started finding each others musical tastes, after being on tour buses for four years. It slowly built up like all good musical relationships. We started working together in 1993 and it wasn’t until 1997 when we did Unravel, and it had built up to a point where we actually walked into a studio and half an hour later and we had a song ready to be mixed. We had got to know one another’s insides so well. Vespertine was then an album where we wanted to go even further.

David Toop Interview, 2002