PJ Harvey

One and a half year ago I was asked to perform at the Brit awards and they asked me to do a duet with Meatloaf. And I was like ’Yeah, thank you. But sometimes you have two things you like, like chocolate and onions, but maybe you shouldn’t cook the same dish out of it.’

They said ’OK OK OK OK’ and then they suggested David Bowie, and I was again like ’I’m very honoured, he’s a genius and everything, but I’m not sure we have a lot to give to each other today. Maybe it’s not the right timing or something.’ — ’OK OK OK’.

And then I’m like ’Can I make a suggestion ?’ — ’Okay’ — ’Can I ask Polly ?’ — ’Yeah, Yeah’. And I asked Polly and she said yes too, and I was so happy.

loladamusica, 1995