I’d heard from a friend who interviewed Björk a few years ago that she wrote the line "Let’s get unconscious, honey," because those were the words she wanted to hear from Madonna. I ask her if this is true, and Björk responds :

I think at the time, yes. But that’s like six years ago, when everything around her seemed very controlled. I think she’s a very intuitive person, and definitely her survival instincts are incredible. They’re like, outrageous. At the time, the words I thought she’d say were, ’I’m not using words anymore, let’s get unconscious, honey. Fuck logic. Just be intuitive. Be more free. Go with the flow.’ Right now, she seems pretty much to be going with the flow.

This prompts me to ask Björk if she thinks she might have put those mellowing-out thoughts into Madonna’s head.

Well, I wouldn’t credit myself for that. Not at all. That’s a question for you to ask her.

(I send a fax to Madonna, via her publicist Liz Rosenberg, with the question : "Did singing the lyrics Björk wrote for Bedtime Story lead you in the direction of going more with the flow ?"

A day or two later, I receive this e-mail from Liz Rosenberg : "I wish I could get an answer from Madonna for you. She’s deep into rehearsals for her tour, and I can’t get any info from her for awhile. I can tell you that Madonna certainly thinks Björk is inspiring and a brilliant artist. Madonna is a huge fan of her music. I’ve never thought Madonna was a ’go with the flow’ person before or after recording Bedtime Story. She goes with a flow - but it’s a flow of her own creation, if you know what I mean.")

NYLON magazine, #14 june/july 2001