How would you feel if your son was gay ?

That was actually the first thing his father said when he saw him. Thor said, "It’s a boy and he’s gay." That’s just his sense of humor. I laughed my head off and the doctors couldn’t believe how insensitive he was. But that was exactly what I needed, just to have a laugh after all of that hard work. In a sense it would be quite handy because I wouldn’t mind, instead of having a gay person being born into a family where they would make it into a nightmare for him. But you can’t think that way - my son just has to be my son, doesn’t he ? I wouldn’t mind at all, though. When we talk about boyfriends or girlfriends, we always talk about both possibilities.

For you ?

For him. Or for whomever. ’Cause I’ve got a lot of gay friends and lesbian friends and they bring their lovers around and it’s not taken for granted that it’s the other sex. That’s something that I think is sort of wonderful about this generation - I feel like my kids will grow up thinking that being gay is just normal, as opposed to being a tragedy.

Bust, october 1996