writing about motherhood

No. I think motherhood is far more complex than that. Because if you get close to people, you keep swapping roles. You mother a person, and you mother yourself and you father yourself. You allow yourself to be an idiot and you do the same with your friends. And to say I’m only protective towards my child, and when I meet my mother I’m really stupid, when I meet my boyfriend I’m really sexy, and when I meet my friends I’m really humorous - I think life is a bit more complex than that and you end up being everything at once. And that’s kind of what I like about life - that you can’t analyze it like that. You can’t stand in front of your kid and say, "I’m your mother and you’re my child". It’s just not that simple, because you’ve got a friend for life in your child. And sometimes, the kids, they protect you.

Bust, october 1996