’Ancestors’ was one of the last titles to come. I kept calling it ’Piano II’, ’cause I did some piano experiments and this was one of them, it was a working title. In the end when I was naming the record ’Medúlla’ and tried to work out what was missing, maybe it was the pagan element and the element about this record that is going back to the roots - before time, or civilization, or religion, or patriotism. Because most of the time I’m looking forward and I want to enter the unknown and get as techno as possible, but maybe this album was a bit different, because it’s about me going back to when I’m 18, before I did all the work i’ve done - and also me going two thousand years back, in my head, anyway - to some cave where people sit together with long hair, naked, and they sing disco music or something.

XFM interview, August 25 2004