Where is the line

The vocals on this track actually aren’t that manipulated, but they’re edited alot. A lot of chopping. The sounds that probably sound most synthetic are actually Rahzel just doing those crazy noises - you don’t believe it until you see him. But we did a lot of editing, we would get the noises and then place them in this track. I felt that with Rahzel, you need to do both the extremes. There’s one song - ’Who Is It’ - with him doing a live take through the whole song, nothing’s edited or added on top, it’s just one take. The other extreme is in this song, where you take Rahzel and edit him all the way and make some sort of collage that only could’ve been made with him, no-one else. The choir was fun too. There are sections in this song that obviously have reverb, but we didn’t take it any further than that. There are some bass-sounds that are so heavy - that is actually Mike Patton. He is incredible, he has these effect boxes that usually guitars have on the floor and you step on them. He did the bass sort of heavy metal / death metal, then he put Octaver on it to make it an octave lower. So there’s a bit of that too. I’ve been joking with my mates that I really wanted to do a headbang choir song. So I started this song doing the choir arrangements, and then I had to find the beat to match it. It was fun. It sorta made me think of ’Bohemian Rhapsody too’, there’s a bit of respect to Freddie. So people should be headbanging, then my dream would be fulfilled.

XFM interview, August 25 2004