Mouths Cradle

Obviously the line about Osamas and Bushes was a bad joke. But I guess it’s sort of partly true, because it insterests me a lot with western civilization, that someone as passionate as Osama could be such a threat, and it seemed to me at times to be almost passion versus logic. I found it really interesteing that it could be so un-understandable for some people that somebody would do something like that, and how unaware the western civilization were of how annoying they are sometimes — I’m obviously not justifying what he did. But after that, it just totally took over - it was all about arabs and americans, and if you were pro or against or whatever. It just seems curious to me, where obviously both were right and wrong. It seems like the whole world has been talking about it for the last three years, not only me. All unbelievable people are suddenly interested in politics. And maybe me in the end wanting my music to offer something else, and saying I want to look for a shelter with an altar away from the Osamas and Bushes. And maybe these politicians think that they are 95% of our lives and that we should all just worry about if Bush gets re-elected or not and what’s gonna happen to the muslims or whatever. And I think it’s about 5% important, and 95% is like... children going to school, the latest breakdancer, people starving and people losing their jobs and people telling awful jokes, and all these other stuff, you know. People in space, and jellyfishes in the ocean having affairs with other jellyfishes. I’m inventing marinal soap operas here, sorry. But there’s just a lot of other stuff, and it just got boring after a while. So maybe this record is partly an attept to say "wait a minute, there’s other stuff out there you know". That’s it.

XFM interview, August 25 2004