He lives in Louth, and he has equiptment in his bedroom where he records himself and his albums. We brought a G4 and Pro Tools and recorded it in like one afternoon. He’s such an extraordinary singer. Before he left, he insisted to give us a scale of his voice, where he sings all the tones - and he has the most amazing range, like 5 or 6 octaves. What’s really interesting about his range is that each octave is of a totally different character. We actually ended up using that later for ’Oceania’, we used what he calls the "Wyattron". Maybe this isn’t a secret, but when I was pregnant and breastfeeding - what is great is that your nature tells all your cells to go on vacation now that the baby is the most important thing. It’s a very humbling and gorgeous thing and a very healthy experience. But slowly after 6 months or so, the baby wouldn’t mind being without you for an hour a day, a couple of month later two hours, and meet other kids and have relationships with other people than you. And mothers kinda have a hard time to let go too. It’s an interesting stretch. And with my "submarine behaviour" ...the part of me that writes songs had gone dormant, and this song says it’s time to wake it up and say "hello ! wake up" - it’s been hibernating, so it’s a little bit of an alarm call.

XFM interview, August 25 2004