Who is it

I love the little things you’ve put on Medúlla, with synths and stuff—it was really great that you didn’t do that very much. And what was that bass line ? That was such a great one on “Who Is It ?“ It just links through like another character, but it sounds like a vocal. It’s really amazing.

It is a mix between two things. There was a baritone called Gregory Purnhagen. I think he sang with Philip Glass and Meredith Monk, and he was really precise ! It was exciting to work with someone so professional. He did the drone almost like, you know—what do you call the people in the Himalayas ? The monks ! So he did that noise, and then we put it down an octave. Then there was Mike Patton, whose voice is a roar. He’s got many foot pedals when he sings. He would do some of this bass line, too, where he would actually put it in some sort of harmonizer.

Interview Magazine - 01.11.2004