"Basically, the Olympics people asked me to do a kind of ’Ebony and Ivory’ or ’We Are the World’ type song. Those are smashing tunes and all that, but I thought, ’Maybe there’s another angle to this.’ When I tried to write an Olympic lyric, though, it was full of sports socks and ribbons. I ended up pissing myself laughing.

The Olympic version will be a little different. But it will fit the occasion, I think, because the song is all about how the ocean doesn’t see boundaries between countries and thinks everyone is the same. Sjón came up with this beautiful last line that touches on how we were all little jellyfish or whatever before we made it on to land. He has The Sea saying, ’Your sweat is salty / And I am why / Your sweat is salty / And I am why.’"

August 13, 2004