Who is it

This is a song I wrote at the end on Vespertine, but I didn’t put it there because I felt it was from a different family - Vespertine was introvert and shy and not very phycisal a record, and this was a very physical song that I wrote when I was feeling quite strong again. The words are kinda self-explanatory. This is the one song that Matmos helped me with - they did fruit-machine-noises that are in the choruses. Like when you put a coin in slotmachine and get three strawberries. So they made those noises with synthesizers that I later imitated with my voice. So I would like to thank Matmos very much for that input, thank you very much. That was the first song where Rahzel sang, and he did the beat in that song in one take. We just all fell on the floor, we couldn’t believe it. There’s no overdubs, no treatment - this is it. I felt quite proud — if you’re gonna have a human beatboxer, at least get the real thing.

XFM interview, August 25 2004