Matmos à propos du titre Mouth’s Cradle

DD : We had a piece from that album where Martin had strung dental floss through the piano and we made beats and rhythms out of that, and we sent it to Björk and we were like, ‘Oh Björk, will you sing on this ?’ and Björk at the time was working on… was it Medulla ?

MCS : The all singing one ? Is that Medulla ? Yeah.

DD : Yeah. And so she ended up writing her song, ‘Mouth’s Cradle’, originally written to go with our dental floss song…

MCS : … and then she was like, “can I just keep this song ?” And we were *resignedly*, ‘uh, okay’.

DD : So she didn’t use any of that music, but she put that melody along to our thing. And so basically this piano album that could have been and wasn’t, we got The Civil War out of it, Björk got her song ‘Mouth’s Cradle’ out of it. So I feel like everybody got something cool, it just went in some other directions. 29/07/2014