Medulla being physical

Your albums have always been balanced between the physical and the cerebral. On medúlla, the last one, the cerebral seemed to win.

For me, it’s an incredibly physical album, I was feeding while psalming, it was very hard. I was literally exploring my body like if it was an instrument. I wanted to move away from rhythms…It was the end of a circle, the primitive beats, a very complex computer editing ; I wanted a "voice" record. In the small world of rhythm programmers from all over the planet, I sorta became like "the award" one would like to win : They were queing before me to pick them in order to decide what will be the “thing“ for the upcoming months.. My rhythms almost became a fashion accessory, and as a reaction to it , I made a record based only on vocals with absolutely no rhythm. It was my rebellion : a big finger thrown to IBM and the “ intellectual dance-music“. I quit that wave in order to make some kind of Manhattan Transfer record (laughs)…

Les Inrockuptibles, March 2007