Show me Forgiveness

I wrote the words probably in 1999, back when I was working in Denmark, and wrote the melody much later, and it wasn’t until a lot later that I matched the two together. But I felt that I was gonna do a vocal album, and it was exciting because of how few toys you have. Then again, with the few toys you have, you have to try to do as many different things as possible — maybe one song with a choir and a beatboxer and a throatsinger and a heavy metal guy, and the next song with just you and a throatsinger, and in the next song you’re doing lots of backing vocals. Just to try to get all the colours. So I always knew that one song had to be just one voice, and that’s it — with the uncomfotableness of that too. Almost like when you are at a party and somebody stands up to do a speech and everybody is like "oh my god". You just say your bit, and then you sit down. So it has that feeling. At least I tried to do it.

XFM interview, August 25 2004