Pleasure is all mine

When I made this track, it was the first time I left my little baby girl. I had gone to La Gomera, which is a small island part of the Canary Islands - one of the islands no tourists go to - and I’d found on the web this English guy who had a studio there, and I think I was the first client or something. So I turned up there with an engineer and my little girl, and then we planned it that — she was like 14 months old — and they were gonna leave four days before me, so I could for the first time jump off a cliff — obviously not literally. Like when you’re writing a song and you get possessed and you can’t sleep for 40 hours ’til it’s ready, and you don’t have to worry about putting her to sleep and just be totally self-indulgent. So this song, for me, is really about the sensuality of just jumping in that pool again, of just you and the music, nobody else, and walking on the cliffs in La Gomera and just indulging in it, and then you can go in and you’re singing and singing and singing and be obsessed with music.

XFM interview, August 25 2004