Nettie Walker

(Björk’s co-manager with Derek Birkett. Ex-A&R co-ordinator at One Little Indian.)

When she did the video for ’Violently Happy’ in LA, she was there in the middle of the earthquake. She described it like, A huge rumbling, deep in your stomach, which is exactly Björk, that she found it a brilliant rather than frightening experience. Everyone was trying to get hold of her to see if she was OK, but she had gone to the video shoot, dead on time, ready to start. That’s how Björk is, committed to doing something... She’s into this magpie mentality. She’s always looking at playing with new people, putting new material into the set, and finding new ways of playing her songs and places to play them, like the Florence Museum Of Modern Art in July. She even did a shop opening in London for Sign Of The Times. She just liked the clothes and the work ethic.

In three words : so many facets.

Select, june 1994