Cyndi Lauper

I love this next artist - Bjork. I don’t just love her for the fact that she has constantly pushed the envelope and constantly done interesting work, but because this piece was connected to Dancing In The Dark for me, because Dancing In The Dark was about a woman who her daydreams kinda got her through when she looked at everything as a musical.

And this next song is one of the songs that shows her ability to be in a musical number, and it’s so sick and twisted in a way - I love her. I love her spirit. And this is what this video celebrate - her spirit. Her free spirit.

Um, what is it, is it "Quiet" ?
"When it’s so Quiet" ?
("It’s Oh So Quiet")
That’s it. It’s and old song, and it’s called "It’s Oh So Quiet". I have many names for it, I know, but that’s the official one - that’s the real title. "It’s Oh So Quiet" by Bjork.

Rage, 2004