Mark Bell

How did you meet Bjork, and how did you wind up working with her ?
Bjork rang me when she was in the Sugarcubes, to talk about doing something on ’Debut’ we met and really got on, but I just wasn’t ready to do anything like that, I was too busy breeding exotic monkeys...

What was different about working on Bjork’s "Selmasongs", which was obviously influenced by the movie "Dancer in the Dark" that it accompanies, as compared to "Homogenic" ?
With ’Selmasongs’ it was really fun, the narrative of the film dictated a direction, we took a different route and ended up with ’Selmasongs’ ... We had a tap dancing instructor wired up to trigger synths for our amusement ... we mixed it in Pro Tools 5.1 which is really confusing especially when you’ve got joysticks for panning, and you can’t stop playing with it...

What is the creative process producing tracks for Bjork ?
It’s different everytime sometimes it comes from a freeform session, a melody she hums to me, some basic chord structures or the text ... It’s always fun as she hasn’t any preconceptions about genre so we take it where ever it wants to go !

Grooves Magazine, 2001