Andrew (The Brodsky Quartet)

Wow - that evening with Tavener - I wish my writing could describe well enough what an evening that was ! When we meet Björk we always have a laugh and reminisce about that ’top night’ (her words of course..). If you’re interested in his music (actually he’s about as close to Björk’s music as you can get in the classical world) could I recommend a piece called "the Protecting Veil" for ’cello and orchestra. It’s one of his ’big’ hits and sums up what you’re likely to get from him. I wish I could tell you what I know about the piece...

The live album from the Union Chapel. Well... on your web site
there’s a denial that this is happening. However there was an announcement in NME that it is happening. I can confirm that it will be available. Soon. Very soon, we hope.

Andrew himself via email, 2 july 2000