François Nemetä

( About the video for ’Bachelorette’ )

Filmed in 1997, a few weeks before Deadweight. There were 2 days of Bolex plus 3 days in a Los Angeles cinema studio on 35mm, plus 2 days in a French animation studio on a Debrie 35. They also shot in an L.A. train station, a park, and a few restaurants in downtown. The Chicago views are stock footage.

Fun fact : Nemetä kept a copy of the "My Story" book cover. Partizan founder Georges Bermann has the "big book" in his Paris office.

Compared to Jòga, this looks like it was a massive production, where both Björk, Michel and the entire crew worked extremely hard. Who worked the hardest ? .

ME of course ! and the whole crew as well. You’re right it was like a mini movie. a kind of mini nightmare, with all possible film techniques, and all the kinds of shooting (exterior shots with extras in black and white in the city / exterior colour, handheld camera in the forest (somewhere in a LA park) ; studio / crane shots with extras / many mini-sets / animation shots / post production on stock footage / 2nd unit shots...

the 1st AD impressed me. I don’t remember his name, he was an american guy, very good at his job. I thought "ok. I could never do that - I’ll stop being an AD soon" oh and the art department crew as well.

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