(About the video for ’Pluto’)

According to Lynn Fox, the biggest challenge in making the entire series of films was findng the right man to star in the film "Pluto", a bizarre, disturbing piece. It features the jerking, violent body movements of a naked, masturbating man, whose shaved head, at the momet of climax, explodes into a myriad of indistinguishable body parts. The film is based on a previous Lynn Fox project that was never made . "When we had the first meeting in Iceland to talk about the concert, we had images in our portfolio from that treatment." .Björk saw the images and immediatey said "we have to do this, I’ve got a song that’s perfect for it". We thought it was too complex, and we were very reluctant, but every conversation we had with her she was like "what about the masturbating film ?" and in the end we just gave in."

The boys suspect the line "Excuse me, I have to explode" may have influenced Björks enthusiasm to use the idea for the song, which is often played at the end of concerts, along with fireworks display. Finding the man with the right physique, gravity and performing ability proved, however, to be elusive. The afternoon before the shoot Lynn Fox still handn’t found thier man. So they asked Björk if she had any ideas. "and she said yes, I know just the guy . So she gets out her mobile phone and says "let me call him"... it turns out he’s like iceland most famous actor." Ingvar Sigurdsson , star of features such as "angels of the universe" was not only willing to strip and simulate masturbation for the film, but also agreed to shave his head especially for the part.

Bjork Book, 2003