Jake (Scissor Sisters)

Can someone tell Bjork to give us more than ONE pop song on her new
album. . . bless her. Saw her at Radio City a couple weeks ago and it
was really good. . .throw us a bone though. Earth Intruders IS an
amazing song however. We tried covering it for the B-side of Kiss
You Off. We rehearsed and rehearsed and recorded it at a sound check
in Madrid. We took it back in the studio and tried to make
tails of it, and decided that it just didn’t sound good at all and we
weren’t going to subject you lovely people to our terrible version.
So instead we dug up a weird demo called Bad Shit from early Ta-dah
sessions. It’s a silly, simple tune.

scissorsisters.com forum, 22 may 2007 5:01pm