Spike Jonze

Then there was his video for Björk’s It’s So Quiet, a riff on the "ordinary people" approach of a Jacques Demy musical that could have been the beginning of something bigger. "We shot in two days what should have taken four," he says, "and we just had so much fun, and we talked about doing a musical together some time, in the same spirit."

Then Lars von Trier offered Bjork the lead in Dancer In the Dark, his harrowing musical that combines Death Row and The Sound of Music, a movie in which the musical sequences happen in the character’s imagination. It was the very idea that Bjork and Jonze had been discussing. Before Bjork took the role, he says, "she rang me and asked if that was OK", a considerate touch he appreciated.

www.theage.com.au, 13 august 2004