Liz Naylor

(Press officer for Blast First and then One Little Indian before starting the Catcall label. All-round Riot Grrrl/Queercore agent provocateur.)

My abiding memories of her are being in a strip club in Lisbon, about five in the morning, Björk just being an animal, drunk and dancing lasciviously on the dancefloor. She’s a sex animal and she knows it.

The press have written about her as this fragile, mysterious, waif-like creature but in fact, she’s incredibly down to earth - she has to be to bring up a kid. The picture in Q where she is waving her fist towards the camera, that’s much more like her than any other picture. Just a bit of a boot boy, really. She’s also got one of the dirtiest laughs I’ve ever heard. She’s an incorrigible flirt, with everybody, on whatever level, which is what people find charming about her, but she also doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She’d tell journalists who wanted to always interview her, Fuck off, talk to some of the others. Björk ultimately wants her own way. She could be a complete pain in the arse - you’d tell her there was a photo session in Paris and she’d go off shopping...

Select, june 1994