Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes)

Growing up, Bjork and Kate Bush were really important to me. I get tired of being compared to them and I hope that, as time goes on, I’m going to peel away more and more layers of myself to the point where I’ve made something and become something that isn’t comparable. But I understand why it happens.

As a young teenaged girl, I already had a relationship with music and had already written my own compositions on piano. But until I discovered those artists, it felt like I was missing part of my family. To know your ancestry, to know those who’ve gone before, is hugely important to any budding, young creative people.

When I first heard (Bjork and Bush), I thought, ’Oh, so it’s OK.’ I saw how other people had been interested in the same things as me and had felt as much passion and emotion for sensuality, or spiritual things, or magical, invisible things as I did. Things turned them on the same way they turned me on. It was like getting a pat on the head from an older sister., August 3, 2007