Graham Massey

(Founder member of 808 State. Bjork recorded two tracks on their ’Ex:El’ LP, ’Ooops’ and ’Q-Mart’. Is currently collaborating with Bjork on a new EP, due out in late autumn.)

She rang up out of the blue. She didn’t say who she was : ’a composer from Iceland’ is the way she put it, although I had an idea. She was listening to our ’90’ album and was looking for help on the drum programming side. I phoned that night to see if she’d do something for our album. She postponed her flight to Iceland, came up to Manchester the next day, and did two tracks in as many days. It was definitely a case of musical empathy.

Björk in two words ? Strength and timebomb, especially now she’s in the mainstream. Her background has an anarchic streak, and it hasn’t died out yet. It is in a position to kick off, which is one of the most interesting things in pop. I think she’s completely misunderstood : people think she’s just being clever but there is a genuine integrity about her music. Maybe it was a bit glossed over on the album, but look at what happens next. She won’t go for the easy option.

Select, june 1994