Nick Knight

Numuro : You recently worked with Bjork...

Nick Knight : Yes. I’ve just shot the Pagan Poetry video. You can watch Bjork sewing a wedding dress. The idea is that the devouring passion for her future spouse induces her to sew the dress straight into her skin. It’s a dress by Lee [Alexander McQueen]. It’s incredibly beautiful, made of a very transparent fabric. The structure of the dress is a corset of an antique tulle that seems to be integral part of Bjork. It stops just below her breasts, and she even sews the pearls into her skin. She went far about piercing, believe me.

Numuro : The video will certainly rouse controversy.

Nick Knight : During our first encounter, I realized that she was much stronger and she emanated much more power than her media image let appear. I wanted to show off this power. In this moment, the production is wondering in which countries they’ll be able to release the clip. It’s sure, we’ll put it online on our site

Numero Magazine, 2001