Speedy J

(Aka Jochem Paap, Dutch wizaard op de teckno. Remixed ’Human Behaviour’.)

One Little Indian asked me to remix ’Human Behaviour’, Bjork then asked me to play as the support act as a show in Wolverhampton. My first impressions were that she travels with a lot of people and she wants everybody to be happy, and she tried very hard, which I liked about her. As an artist, she seemed to be very open-minded to other kinds of music. She likes to look for the least obvious thing... With ’Human Behaviour’, rather than do a house mix with a 125 beats-per-minute under it, I kept the song intact, with more vocals than were on the original and a more electronic sound, something closer to Kraftwerk. She said she liked it very much but not particularly what she liked about it...

Select, june 1994