Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy)

a few years ago, our friend King Henry introduced us, by phone, to Bjork. then in Reykjavik was eating in a restaurant and she walked by, so Bonny ran out and said hello. we went to geysers and waterfalls then, she a very very gracious rep. some more little times were spent, and good vibes reigned. also there was a friend of hers, a poet, whose book is around here somewhere...
and then Botch called a little while ago and said I was invited to come along on these shows. at the time, it was a vine thrown into the quicksand at which bonny leapt and clawed.

we saw her show in Denmark a few weeks ago, and it was great. all of these shows, fairly sure, are out of doors, and observing the mounting of it all, and playing out of doors, and the music all around...plus, on stage with her is drew of matmos, who is a very longtime acquaintance from louisville. he said it would be good to have more americans on the trek, the scoundrel.

Official BPB tour diary, 6 August 2003