How did you first hook up with Björk ?

Ed : we met her in a club in London, and she wanted us to do a mix for her while we were still in Black Dog. So we did a couple of mixes. And then we just bumped into her a few more times, and her keyboardist dropped out of her tours and we went on and did some support and did some keyboards and programming.

So would you say your visions and Björk’s match pretty well, musically ?

Ed : I think she’s got a fresh outlet. She’s not doing these things for the wrong reasongs. Yeah, in some ways we definitely do. We’re both willing to try sort of new stuff.

Andy : Yeah, the best vision is in every direction at once, isn’t it ? At times you have to focus on one thing in particular, but I think she’s quite open and flexible in terms of creativity.

faqt magazine, 1997