Tori Amos

That was big news in Australia, because Bjork just arrived in
Bangkok and obviously lost her cool with a young Thai reporter who greeted
her with a welcome to Thailand, and actually got hit by Bjork as she

Well, I don’t know about that. I mean, from what I understand... and
Bjork is a good acquaintance, and a *lovely, lovely, lovely* lady. And I’ve
known her for a while, and never seen her lose her patience. And her son was
with her, and I think that you saw the mother lion come out protecting her
cub. That’s what I truly think happened from what I gather. I think people
saw the mother come out as Bjork, and nobody’s really seen that. You see the
playful, young, quote-unquote "woman", but the mother is quite, ah,
powerful, wonderful and protective. And I think any mother would protect her
child the same way if she felt it was being harassed., 23 february 1996