Chris Buck

Björk had an almost singular interest in the more superficial aspects of being photographed : the colors used or clothing worn, etc. She explained that she tries to communicate a sense of her music in photographs (because people are more sophisticated visually than aurally) in order to prepare her audience, or potential audience, for the music itself. A source of frustration for me was that in filling out a portrait with fashion shoot trimmings (she wanted the fan blowing her hair all of the time, for example) it seemed to camouflage more than it conveyed about her as a person, or even as an artist.

The meaningful moments in the shoot were when she moved toward something that was sexual and vulnerable. At one point, she cupped her breasts, and at another, she pulled up her dress/jacket toward her crotch. Perhaps it was just normal human sexuality coming through her as a performer, but my instincts told me there’s something darker going on for her sexually., 28 August 2000