Nick Thornton-Jones

(Nick Thornton-Jones and Warren Du Preez took various pictures of Björk, including the vespertine promo shoot, the "greatest hits" promo shoot and more recently the medúlla promo shoot.)

We shot Björk in New York and then came back here and worked on the pictures for a month. She came down to the studio to help mix the paint, so to speak and brought references, inspirations, ideas - she had a very clear view of how she wanted to see herself. The work is in a lot of space, and there’s a real sense of isolation. There’s also the sense of unreality, which makes iconic work, and as individual pictures that’s we want to achieve. Victoria Bartlett’s a an amazing stylist - her work spans from Italian Vogue to Visionarie - and Björk also brought a group of designers on board called AS FOUR who’d made special pieces for her. We like to work with people on a very three-dimensional level and we tend to work with people who are creative in their own right - we’re very blessed in that fact. If we’re working with someone as creative as Björk, it’s great to welcome them in the studio so they can bring with them what they want, and we can offer them what we’ve got and then hopefully make something unique together.

Creativebase | issue 12 sept 2001