You all have toured with Coldplay, Switchfoot, Snow Patrol and New Found Glory among others. Who else would you all like to tour with ?

Weston : Mew, Bjork, Cashmere.

Sherri, Chauntelle : Cashmere.

Bjork could be fun

Sherri : Yeah, but she probably only picks really weird, unique artists.

Stacy, you recently were able to interview Stevie Nicks for Foam. What was that experience like ?

Stacy : It was amazing. She was so nice to me. She was like — just gave me a lot of insight, I think, and she was very funny — just really cool.

Are there any other artists that you all would like to interview ?

Garron DuPree : Paul McCartney.

Sherri : Bjork ! My husband got to interview Bjork on the phone a few years ago. I’m a little jealous.